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Monday, November 27th, 2006
10:33 pm - Haha
OMG i ate sooooooo much on thanksgiving im like soooo bloated cause of all the turkey..... i heard they put tryglicerol or whatever in turkey and it is like this drug that makes you fall asleeep... dont you just love genetic engeneered foods lol! i slept so well but now im going to have to like purge for a month HAHA seriously.

Wellll enooough about my fatass XMAS is just around the bend!! I cant wait to get awesome stuff! i hope theres some awesome holiday parties in new paltz so that i can dresss up in a skimpy santa outfit and get naughty! yeeaaah... now to write my xmas list HAHA


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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
1:16 pm - CAM WHORAGE

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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
2:43 pm - LOL

Me and Katie got soooooooooooooooo drunk last night...

went out to town

I think i was like
talking to this boy or something HA
and than i woke up in bed and have no idea what happened@@!

i hate when that happens !@ i dont even think i got his number... or maybe i got more than his number


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Monday, January 9th, 2006
2:50 am - OMG
ummm spent the night at D;s house.. and i got these pics from her... ahaha D was soo drunk.. i didnt drink.. i learned !! my lesson.... about drinking.. trust me... you lose control ..... im never drinking again, or at least not as much as i did in kauai. but u know. what happened in kauai stays in kauai. umm yea.. listenin to some music like always.... talk on the phone... to some other homies. D emailed LIZ!! omgah it wasss sooooo funny.. the other LIZ.. i almost had a heart attack like no joke. iam mean.. but D shouldnt of done that.. i could resist// lol. an dyeah.. hahhahahahha. what im jealous of her i admitt it... cleear out. no need to hide it. im not jealous of her looks. im jealous cuz she messed wit u.. lol.. fucked would be a better word., but ive been swearing none stop cuz my sister doesnt care if i do. soooo im tryin to stop. cuz im gonna be goin bac to skool soon. i was gonna comment ur myspace.. but naw .. u wont talk bac sooo whatever.
-----------------------------------umm im most likely gonna sleep all day tomorrow. and then workout and eat an orange or something and sleep again. thats my life. at the moment. fucking sleeep all day to let the days pass.. i dance and stuff. and i cant wait until my sister gets me a gym membership at LA fitness. yea... she wants me to help her lose some booty.... ahha.. ill probably kill her... aww, no. but i do liek to run lol.,.. run her ass for like a longass time... i lost soo much wait... like in the summer. cuz at night time.. in kauai i would run... on her tred... aand like run forever... cuz i <3 the music i was listening to and plus i got out all the hate in me.. from karen and shit.. i never thought that ONE person could make ur life a living hell. yeah... it worked. and plus i wa slike naked the whole time.. LOL swim suit on the beach.. LOL.... umm... i wonder what ur doing,.. ur probably sleeping... i wish i was there just to watch u. i havent seen u in lke forever. u know? im sorta scared too,... u probablu think im gonna rape u or something. nope i wont i promise. lol. im to scared to even say HI to u most of them time.. thats why i have this journal so i can pretend to ... tell u it,,lol.. an dsoo i can just leave myself alone. yea yeah.... .....i wish we coul djust be friends... but u say we are. and we never like hangout or like talk or like whatever. .. FRIENDS! HOMIES FOO ITS HOMIES! ull always be my homieG even if u do marry a girl called Liz who is a bean and ... ::::sighs:::::
there is s omethin wrong wit me... y cant i just forget u.. how did u forget me? was it that easy? ""okay kristy, we're goin ona break, soo yea. im just gonna 4get u right after i hang up the phone"""" umm tha was the worst day of my life. i cried forever. i should of called u bac.. and be like um NO!! I LOVE UR ASS TO DEATH ARE U OUTTA UR MIND BOY?? but no i never called... i never fucking did... i just slipped outta ur life.. just like . umm i dont know. but yeah. i was too scared. i always im. love u.

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Saturday, December 17th, 2005
1:40 am - OMFG!
Im getting the best stuff when I go to my stepdads house for XMAS!!

First off- im getting THIS!
This phone is just so fuckin HOTT!

Than i was thinkin bout this question-


IM THE HOT PINK NANO... so daddy is getting me that

what else what else

what else does a gal just HAVE TO have?

XMAS is just so stressful


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Monday, November 28th, 2005
1:29 pm

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Monday, November 21st, 2005
12:23 am - OMG!
Me and Trish totally hit up the cinima tonight and checked the new 50 cent movie.... OMG Curtis Jackson is like SO HOTT! That movie was like thirty times better than 8 mile! When they set his mother on fire in the streets I was in tears that was so sad how could anyone do something like that?

I started redecorating my dorm.... so like, yeah i know its cheesey but I ordered this poster LOOL!

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Monday, October 31st, 2005
4:10 pm
Today is my main mans birthday


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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
1:14 am - Pieces of Me
On a Monday, I am waiting
Tuesday, I am fading
And by Wednesday, I can't sleep
Then the phone rings, I hear you
And the darkness is a clear view
Cuz you've come to rescue me

Fall... With you, I fall so fast
I can hardly catch my breath, I hope it lasts

It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It's as if you've known me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

I am moody, messy
I get restless, and it's senseless
How you never seem to care
When I'm angry, you listen
When youre happy, it's a mission
And you wont stop 'til I'm there

Fall... Sometimes I fall so fast
Well, I hit that bottom
Crash, you're all I have

It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It's as if you known me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me

How do you know everything I'm about to say?
Am I that obvious?
And if it's written on my face...
I hope it never goes away... yeah

On a Monday, I am waiting
And by Tuesday, I am fading into your arms...
So I can breathe

It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I love the way that feels
It's as if you know me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me...

I MISS YOU airstretch

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
So ive been a VEGAN for like three weeks now.... its so awesome.
i can totally tell that im loosing weight allready plus i feel healthier but who cares about that
ive been craving some meat for like 2 days now i would just DIE for some sausage and pepperonni BUT NO

Anyways stay tuned for pics of my fab HALLOWEEN costume... Im going to be Paris Hilton with a stuffed chewawa for my louis vuitton bag


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Monday, October 17th, 2005
2:25 pm
Sorry i havent updated in a while
ive totally been recovering

me and Trish totally tried K the other day
OMG i was sooo messed up
i was sooo in a K hole it was freakin AWESOME!!! I HAVE TO do K again

its just sooo awesome i love being in a K hole

this weekend was HARDCORE

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Thursday, October 13th, 2005
10:49 pm
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10:43 pm
all i have to say is WOOOW

I hope when i have babies i look this hot!

i think it is totally freakin awesome that britney is having a baby GO BRITNEY!

current mood: fat

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10:36 pm - LONELY
seriously i just hate it when guys dont call when they say they are going to or when you constantly get lame excusses why they are not around and you totally just know they are lying

i havent talked to airstretch in like 4 days
things have been going so well i hope i didnt do something to screw things up *sigh* i dont know what id do without him but i miss him sooooOOOOOoooo much XOXOXOXOX

Anyone seen airstretch around??? WHERE ARE YOU HONEY@!@? CALL ME !!! LIK E NOW!@@!

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
1:30 pm - OMG!
Oh my god, Trish's friend Bobby is a photographer and he totally said that he would do a photo shoot with me !!! This is going to be so freakin awesome! Its going to be like Im a real model!!!!!


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1:25 pm
I dont know why everyone seems to be making anti-war comments and insulting remarks abour President George W. Bush. I mean GOD, people have NO LIVES!

First off we are in war people. Everyday innocent Americans are being killed by TERRORISTS. Our troops are just so brave and you just got to support that because if you do not support bravery how could you even say you are an American??

Second, George W. Bush is the President of the most powerful nation in the world. WE ELECTED HIM, OBVIOUSLY WE WANT HIM TO RULE. Everyone always questions him but he knows what he is doing, he is an expert. Just because we dont understand doesnt mean he doesnt. We just need to have faith in him and everything will be okay.

We can only take life one day at a time.

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Thursday, October 6th, 2005
9:50 am
Oh my god Paris is so fab

I would just DIE to look like her... THATS IT

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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
2:58 am - LOL!
Oh my god im such a cam whore tonight hahah

im a little shy lol

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2:29 am
As some of you know.... Dave and I broke up ..... I defanetly broke up with him..... i told him how i wanted to see other people

i felt bad cheating on him for the past few months but i feel a lot better now that it is over..... he was like 100 miles away or something and airstretch was there for me when i needed him <3 <3 <3

he is just soooo awesome i havent been this happy in like forver lol!

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1:37 am - STAR OF FRIENDS!
OMG me and Trish were in the city today GUESS WHO WE SAW!?

Matthew Langford Perry!!

No joke!

We were like OMG and he was like totally flirting with Trish cause we were like I LOVE FRIENDS

i could have just DIED!
i have never been so star struck in my life... *sigh*
now i have 2 get back to my school work

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